Tuesday Nov 7. Re-Elect Edison Mayor Tom Lankey

Vice President Joe Biden (left) and NJ Gubernatorial Candidate Phil Murphy (right), expressing support for Mayor Tom Lankey and the Edison Democrat Team.

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Tuesday Nov 7. Re-Elect Edison Mayor Tom Lankey





Bringing Results to Edison Township

Priorities & Results:

Bringing Fiscal Responsibility to Edison

Mayor Tom Lankey and the "Edison Team" Are:

Using state-of-the-art technology to improve municipal cash flow
Streamlining municipal services to lower Town Hall's operating expenses
Earning higher annual returns on Edison's financial investments
Refinancing old municipal debt - saving $441,000 so far
Vigorously defending commercial assessments to cut tax appeal refunds
Energetically pursuing more federal and state grants to offset expenses

Campaign Updates:

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From the Mayor:

You Can Count On Us!

My Administration introduced contemporary financial practices to Edison Town Hall in 2014, revamping the way it traditionally conducted business. Our fiscally responsible strategies have, so far, saved taxpayers nearly $26.7 million. These saving come from many sources: Higher-yield interest, greater

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Edison: Open for Business

A Stronger Edison Economy Benefits You & Your Family New jobs opportunities have helped to lower Edison’s unemployment rate to 2.8%* down from a 6.7% high just four years ago. Home values have increased. In fact, the total assessed value

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